9 Hits in Blitar with Instagramable attractions

9 Hits in Blitar with Instagramable Attractions!

Blitar. The second smallest district in East Java Province has the principle of “Kridho Hangudi Jaya” (working hard to achieve the noble) and the motto “Blitar City Patria”. It is of course a line with its tourism sector. Later, Blitar regency is increasing the tourism sector as the main weapon for the local economy.

Although a little ‘ forgotten ‘ by tourists who are mostly in the other areas of East Java, Blitar has a truly and very rekomended tourist destination. Here, we summarize 9 hits in Blitar that are really instagramable!

1. Kedung Entong; Nature tourism Paradise in Blitar that must enter your destination list

Kedung Entong
Kedung Entong

This nature tourism destination is relatively new in Blitar. The place is still very quiet and rarely there are tourists outside the area coming. It’s a fairly hidden place that makes Kedung Entong a good spot to relieve stress. The location is in Pulerejo village, Kecamata Bakung, Blitar. To reach this place you can pass the Blitar – Kademangan – Have Wadang – Maron and Pulerejo routes. After arriving at Pulerejo village, you can ask local residents where Kedung Entong is located.

2. Umbul Waru Beach

Not only Malang, Pacitan and Jogja have a beach with a waterfall. Blitar is there. Located in Sidomulyo village, Bakung District, Blitar. This beach is named Umbul Waru Beach and arguably one of the beaches is quite narrow compared to other beaches in Blitar. In this place you can see the waves and the birds are chasing each other. Because the wave currents are quite large, do not swim enough on the edges alone. You can still enjoy the nature of Blitar from the beautiful cliffs of Umbul Waru Beach.

3. Past history traces of Blitar city in Candi Penataran

The temple that is believed to be named Palah Temple is a temple complex set in Hinduism that has existed since the Kingdom of Kediri. Located in Panataran village, Nglegok District, Blitar. In this place you can see the historical traces of the ancient city of Blitar. Its position on the southwest slope of Gunung Kelud will give its own sensation when you visit Panataran Temple. Some time, many young people in Blitar are visiting this place. They do not escape to the beach and translucent in the mountain. So, occasionally, try to visit the historical tourism in Blitar that is of course okay.

4. See Fish God water hair Monte

See Fish God water hair Monte
See Fish God water hair Monte

This natural tourism destination of Blitar is located in Krisik village, Gandusari District. It is approximately 30 km from Blitar city. Here you will be presented with a green view from the tea plantation and rice fields of the local farm. The interesting of this place is; There is a pond, a temple, and a trail that is quite different from other tourist areas in East Java. You can relax here, sit back and enjoy the breeze that will knock your dick on you. Despite the clear water, you are not allowed to swim, because in the lake there is fish, which local people call it fish gods.

5. Shower in Grenjeng waterfall

Grenjeng Waterfall is located in Balerejo village, Panggungrejo District, Blitar. Because of its quite hidden location, Granjeng waterfall is still rarely visited. In this place you will be treated to a breathtaking natural scenery of Blitar. You can also swim and bathe in the waterfall. To reach the point of location, from the Binangun market you can go directly towards the Rejo stage. After that, follow the road until you meet the thirds, when you turn right to the Rejo stage, if straight directly towards Lodoyo. You take the right one. Follow the road until you meet Balerejo village. From here, straight on until it meets the crossroad. Turn right and you will see the Road guide to Grenjeng Waterfall.

6. Moncar Waterfall

Moncar Waterfall
Moncar Waterfall

This natural tourism destination of Blitar is located in Bakung village, Bakung District, Blitar. The name is still not well known in East Java, but the beauty is really unquestionable. Access the road is quite easy because it is paved. In this place you can do some photos with friends. The interesting thing is; At the Moncar waterfall you will find the endemic animals Dekapoda (small crab) and the climbers who hid beneath the rocks. This fish is quite unique, because it can live on land for a few minutes. The Moncar waterfall is still not able to concern Blitar Regency as a tourist destination.

7. Tirto Galuh Waterfall

The waterfall that has a charming charm by the people of Blitar is better known as Kedung Malang. It is located in Sidomulyo village, Bakung District, Blitar. The location is not too far from Blitar Trisula Monument. Here you will see the panorama of nature still very beautiful. The cool nature, the fresh air and the melodious birds will make you linger here. Tirto Galuh Waterfall continues to be visited by tourists from outside Blitar city.

8. Badrun Waterfall

This nature tourism destination in Blitar is located on the border river between Bululawang village and Tumpakoyot village, Bakung District, Blitar Regency. Badrun Waterfall is not much visited by tourists, that is why the place is still very clean and far from rubbish. For people outside Blitar, Badrun waterfall has not as famous as other tourism in East Java. But of course the beauty can not be seen next to the eye. To achieve it is not too difficult, the roads are mostly paved.

9. Serang Beach

Serang Beach
Serang Beach

The existence of Serang Beach makes East Java residents, especially Blitar is proud of the heart. Beach located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, or more precisely in Serang village, Panggungrejo subdistrict is always a favorite tourist destination. Besides the charm of its exotic sunset, Serang Beach also often holds traditional rituals that are often called Javanese people as the food Larung. To achieve this, you need about 1/2 hours from Blitar city. In this place you can play water until satisfied, photos or just a pretty ngadem. The white sand makes Serang beach different from other beaches in Blitar. So it seems to be in your tourist destination list!